Glass Design Sensations

Authentic soul fascinated by glass transparency, reflections, light transitions, colors, Design, and Art of production. It's a mystery about how this extraordinary material was created, crafted, shaped, and colored, or even decorated.

decorative glass introduction

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art meets production

From design to production, supply, and even application, we offer a wide range ofdesign solutionscustomized to fit various needs. Also, our diverse glass techniques give any design a masterpiece edge.

Design thinking is the foundation for the design process

Architects, Designers, Artists, and business decision-makers know and value how to customize fabricated glass will elevate their overall designs and projects.


Hany Saad

“Staying ahead of the game is even more challenging than reaching it, because it’s all about maintaining quality and providing the best. Which is why Decorative Glass has been one of my main success partners, with our requiting values: Quality, integrity, and commitment.”