EST. 1963

The Egyptian Decorative Glass Brand Made a quality development move in the fabricated glass field while combined it with the latest exterior and interior design trends. In 1963, we intended to change the world to unite clients and glass innovation culture to pursue that aim.

Our means to achieve this are our passion, initiatives, and tactics centered around product development and operational excellence.




Being always excited about  research
and experimentation
 leads us to execute   creative efficiency and quality  into
our projects as an accurate response to our clients' expectations.


From  design to production, supply,and
even application,
we offer a wide
range of  design solutions  customized
to fit various needs. Also, our diverse  glass techniques  give any design  a masterpiece edge.


Inspired by antique Egyptian glass techniques,  artistic-cultural heritage   of inestimable value we have inherited then  reinterpreted  it in new solution, willing to make it NOW a lead! That we preserve and safeguard to this day, entrusting Statements, memory, and knowledge, we transmit generation after generation.


Our organizational and production teams constant efforts and professionalism have combined significantly to our reputation. Involving the right characters for the right job, united with a devoted team spirit, has established an excellent success.


We are accountable for our operators'
safety and the safe distribution and
of our glass production
to our clients.


Glass is an edgy, sustainable, safe energy,
fully recyclable material that provides
environmental benefits

our Philosophy & Mission


Our philosophys primary part is to spread the passion for this extraordinary material by delivering exceptional productions to be the ultimate glass advisor of our clients choices by growing a long-term trust connection.


Inspire the global market, Through initiatives centered around  manufacturing evolution, industrial superiority, trend strategies, and brand communications pursued from the clients perspective, anticipating changes in society and the markets in which we operate.

Our Founders

Tarek El Ganidi

We are always eager to have the latest tech in the glass industry, maintain and expand our market share in glass creation. In addition to the knowledge and historical experiences, We inspire others and exceed expectations.

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