Printing solutions

Printing solutions

UV Printing

Indoor solutions

This beautiful technology uses the ultra-violet LED lights technique to dry organic color ink. It is printed and distributed the ink on a material's surface instantly for a stunning interior look and feel.

  • UV Glass printed available at 2440 * 5000 mm.
  • Print thickness from 1.5mm up to 200 mm. 
  • It can print flat or Relief until 3mm thickness.
  • Available in both float and Tempered Glass. 
  • UV printer has a unique property that can print at any material!
  • Ceramic INK

    Our ultimate Ceramic thermal color digital print is an up-to-date glass technology using Nano frit ink, increasing print durability and Light transmittance.

     Main uses:

  • Exterior Projects curtain wall, double glass, cladding, partitions, shower cabinet, glass advertising signs, building façade, decoration, handrails, ceiling, etc.
  • The color composition and the curing processing gains properties such as chemically resistant, durable, and scratch-resistant, thermal resistance up to 500˚c.
  • Grantee about 30 years for anti-weathering or changing color.
  • Laser Printing

    Laser Glass Engraved Machine

    Engraved is an art form applied to carve even the most challenging design aspects into a glass depth with a clean finish that shapes a real 3D effect.

    Extra-large / ultra-precise 2D / 3D designs are implemented inside the plate glass to create great designs

  • Maximum glass size: (L*W*H) 2000*3200*90mm
  • Thicknesses: 6mm to 19 mm. Special request
  • Guideline: untempered glass only

  • Finished, full-scale, print-ready CMYK pdf is preferred.
  • Contact us for further details or to evaluate acceptable file formats.
  • We will need the finalized vector file (EPS file required) for a custom Artwork or pattern.  
  • Design your own ! Contact us