About Us

Decorative Glass Company

Decorative Glass is a market leader in Egypt in the glass processing field. It serves interior and exterior designs for decor purposes. Being pioneers in coming up with new innovative aspects based on glass processing, we’re spreading awareness among our clients regarding each and every usage of a piece of glass.



Our vision is to reach to be the market leader in glass processing all over the world not only in Egypt leaving a positive impact on society.



Decorative Glass offers its clients all the updates all over the world regarding innovative techniques in glass processing. Our target is to let awareness with our products hit the client’s mindset under the name of a real brand which makes the impossible possible.



1) Product quality comes first.
2) Training our team to meet the company’s and the client’s expectations.
3) Increase our coverage area with new branches.


Why do customers prefer to deal with us?

1) Quality, promptness and integrity.
2) Continuous advancement and innovation.
3) Client’s needs meet satisfaction.
4) Producing both tempered glass and art work at the same place.
5) Uniqueness of designs.